Panasonic KX-TD7680 2.4GHz Renewed Phone Wireless High quality /social-statistics/research/,Office Products , Office Electronics,$140,(Renewed),Wireless,,2.4GHz,KX-TD7680,Panasonic,Phone Panasonic KX-TD7680 2.4GHz Renewed Phone Wireless High quality $140 Panasonic KX-TD7680 2.4GHz Wireless Phone (Renewed) Office Products Office Electronics $140 Panasonic KX-TD7680 2.4GHz Wireless Phone (Renewed) Office Products Office Electronics /social-statistics/research/,Office Products , Office Electronics,$140,(Renewed),Wireless,,2.4GHz,KX-TD7680,Panasonic,Phone

Panasonic KX-TD7680 2.4GHz Renewed Phone Wireless Milwaukee Mall High quality

Panasonic KX-TD7680 2.4GHz Wireless Phone (Renewed)


Panasonic KX-TD7680 2.4GHz Wireless Phone (Renewed)

Product description

The KX-TD7680 is a 2.4GHz wireless handset designed for use with the KX-TAW848 or KX-TDA phone systems . It will not work without the transmitting cell stations KX-T0141 (sold separately), or with other phone systems. A compact charging cradle is included, and it can be used on a table, desk or wall. The cradle requires electrical power, but no phone jack. Panasonic KX-TD7680 Feature Highlights: 3-line backlit LCD display navigation key line selection feature keys 2.5mm headset jack speakerphone handsfree intercom Compatibility Not a stand alone phone, must be used with a Panasonic Phone System and Cell Stations (sold separately). Compatible with the KX-TAW848 system, and all KX-TDA phone systems. Multi-Cell Wireless System Telephones - Cordless Technology 2.4GHz ISM Band (FHSS) Multi Cell Handover Yes Multi-System Registration Yes, up to 4 systems Navigator Key Yes Speed Dialer Yes, 100 Stations Security Settings Yes Multi-Function Backlit LCD Yes, 5-Line Backlit Signal Strength Indication Yes Handset Belt Clip Yes, leather case Caller ID Compatible Yes Ringer Modes 6 bells/4 melody Vibrate Mode Yes, 3 patterns Hands-Free Headset Jack Yes Soft Keys Yes Desk amp; Wall-Mountable Charger Base Yes Battery High capacity, quick recharging Lithium Ion Message Waiting Indicator Yes Speaker Phone Yes Auto Answer Yes Transfer, Hold, Function and Info Keys Yes Adjustable LCD Contrast Yes PBX Functionality Support Yes, PBX system features can be accessed with handset Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.44'' x 1.5'' x 0.44'' Weight 0.16 lbs

Panasonic KX-TD7680 2.4GHz Wireless Phone (Renewed)

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