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Floyd Rose Tulsa Mall Tool Intonation Excellence

Floyd Rose Intonation Tool


Floyd Rose Intonation Tool

Product description

All aluminum and bright orange anodized intonation tool for Floyd Rose Tremolo Bridges. This tool works with Original FR, FR Special and FR EVH models. It will NOT work on Ibanez Edge, FR 1000 or FR Pro Series.


- Block your trem so it can't move (you can use SkyScraper Guitars gauged Trem Wedge Blocks).
STEP 2 - Adjust your fine tuners to mid way to allow clearance for the toe of the tool
STEP 3 - Tune the guitar to pitch using your favorite tuner
STEP 4 - Clamp the tool with the silver tang just behind the string block and the toe of the tool wrapped under the fine tuner plate (see picture). Snug it up.
STEP 5 - Loosen the saddle screw for the string you're working on.
STEP 6 - Ensure your string is in tune, then fret the string at the 12th fret. If the note is sharp, tighten the Intonation Tool's screw, retune and check again. If the note at the 12th fret is flat, loosen the Intonation Tool's screw to allow the saddle to move forward. Retune and check again. Do this for all strings until each string plays in tune open and at the 12th fret.

You no longer have to convince yourself that the poor intonation on your floating trem guitar is "good enough." Get your FR equipped guitar playing in tune all the way up the neck today!

Floyd Rose Intonation Tool

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