Branded goods Outdoor Research Men's Turbine Shorts Shorts,$28,Men's,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Turbine,,Research,Outdoor,/disclosure-policy.html $28 Outdoor Research Men's Turbine Shorts Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $28 Outdoor Research Men's Turbine Shorts Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Shorts,$28,Men's,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Turbine,,Research,Outdoor,/disclosure-policy.html Branded goods Outdoor Research Men's Turbine Shorts

Branded goods Outdoor Research Men's Turbine Atlanta Mall Shorts

Outdoor Research Men's Turbine Shorts


Outdoor Research Men's Turbine Shorts

Product description

Sometimes all you need is a go-anywhere, do-anything short that can handle warm temperatures and a fast pace. Enter the recycled polyester-spandex, five-ounce Turbine Shorts, designed for all things momentum. With a seven-inch inseam and the perfect amount of stretch, the Turbine will be your go-to for miles-long jaunts on pine-scented trails. Breathable and wicking with a seven inch inseam and spandex stretch inner short, they'll be your go-to for anything involving warm temperatures and a fast pace. Featuring a UPF 50+ rating and reflective logos and trims, these shorts are suitable for the daytime and when darkness starts to fall.

From the manufacturer

Outdoor Research Men's Turbine Shorts

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