Press,Housewares,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Whisks,/cosmetic-procedures/chin-surgery,2,Set,Premier,and,of,-,$23,Stainless,,Spin,- $23 Premier Housewares Press and Spin Whisks - Set of 2 - Stainless Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Premier Housewares Store Press and Spin Whisks of Set Stainless 2 - Press,Housewares,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Whisks,/cosmetic-procedures/chin-surgery,2,Set,Premier,and,of,-,$23,Stainless,,Spin,- $23 Premier Housewares Press and Spin Whisks - Set of 2 - Stainless Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Premier Housewares Store Press and Spin Whisks of Set Stainless 2 -

Premier Housewares Store Press and Spin Whisks of Classic Set Stainless 2 -

Premier Housewares Press and Spin Whisks - Set of 2 - Stainless


Premier Housewares Press and Spin Whisks - Set of 2 - Stainless

Product description

Product Description

If the recipe requires you to mix, whisk, emulsify, beat, froth or whip your ingredients, then the set of two press and whisks are ideal for all tasks. Made using strong and durable stainless steel, the whisks are robust for everyday use to ensure your food is prepared properly. Simply place the whisk into your bowl with the mix and start to press down to make the head spin, the quicker you push, the faster it goes. The white round plastic handles allow you a comfortable grip so you get better control when using. Having two allows you to mix up separate bowls without needing to clean the whisk for more efficient food preparation. So whether you are mixing batter or a cup of tea, the set of two whisks are suitable for everyday use. Premier Housewares offers a wide, varied selection of kitchen accessories at competitive prices designed for any home. They are stylish, easy to clean and durable for everyday use. Premier Housewares are one of the UK's leading suppliers and distributors of housewares and home lifestyle products to the retail trade.  With an extensive portfolio that covers kitchenware, tabletop and bathroom accessories, as well as soft furnishing, decorative accessories, lighting and occasional furniture, our aim is to provide a complete solution to your housewares retailing needs by offering a comprehensive collection of co-ordinating products.

Set Contains:

2 x Premier Housewares Press and Spin Whisks - Stainless Steel

Premier Housewares Press and Spin Whisks - Set of 2 - Stainless

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