$230 Compatible With Mazda Miata Convertible Top 1990-2005 One-Piece Automotive Replacement Parts $230 Compatible With Mazda Miata Convertible Top 1990-2005 One-Piece Automotive Replacement Parts hashrouter.in,Miata,1990-2005,/contact-us,$230,Mazda,Convertible,Compatible,Automotive , Replacement Parts,With,Top,One-Piece hashrouter.in,Miata,1990-2005,/contact-us,$230,Mazda,Convertible,Compatible,Automotive , Replacement Parts,With,Top,One-Piece Max 64% OFF Compatible With Mazda Miata 1990-2005 Top One-Piece Convertible Max 64% OFF Compatible With Mazda Miata 1990-2005 Top One-Piece Convertible

Max 64% OFF Compatible With Mazda Miata Animer and price revision 1990-2005 Top One-Piece Convertible

Compatible With Mazda Miata Convertible Top 1990-2005 One-Piece


Compatible With Mazda Miata Convertible Top 1990-2005 One-Piece

Product description


This is the One piece design Miata convertible top with deck seams and overlapping quarter panels. Includes pre-punched plastic retainers to ease installation. The window on this item does not have a zipper. Fits all 1990-2005 Miata / MX5 convertibles. The convertible top will fit older model Miata's that original came with a plastic window. Connecting the defroster glass in these models is not recommended unless you purchase the Mazda 3-Wire Connector Part Number N007-67-060A from Mazda. However, you can still enjoy the glass window without the defroster, The top does not come with the rain rail, you reuse your existing rain rail or can purchase a new one from our store

Compatible With Mazda Miata Convertible Top 1990-2005 One-Piece

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