$341 CHOW TAI FOOK 999 Pure 24K Gold Pendant - Bao Bao Family Collect Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $341 CHOW TAI FOOK 999 Pure 24K Gold Pendant - Bao Bao Family Collect Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women TAI,Bao,Pure,Collect,/articles/other,hashrouter.in,CHOW,24K,999,Bao,FOOK,Gold,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$341,-,Pendant,Family TAI,Bao,Pure,Collect,/articles/other,hashrouter.in,CHOW,24K,999,Bao,FOOK,Gold,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$341,-,Pendant,Family CHOW TAI FOOK 999 Pure 24K Family Collect Bao Gold Pendant - New product!! CHOW TAI FOOK 999 Pure 24K Family Collect Bao Gold Pendant - New product!!

CHOW Directly managed store TAI FOOK 999 Pure 24K Family Collect Bao Gold Pendant - New product

CHOW TAI FOOK 999 Pure 24K Gold Pendant - Bao Bao Family Collect


CHOW TAI FOOK 999 Pure 24K Gold Pendant - Bao Bao Family Collect

Product Description

Exclusive from Chow Tai Fook, this fun amp; beautiful "Bao Bao” Angels Collection is crafted from the signature 999.9 Pure 24K gold introduced since 1984. Choose from Serene, Verve, Joy, Harmony amp; Witty, each has its Chinese symbol carved on the back. A polished bail rounds out the look making it easy to add this pendant to your favorite chain necklace. Weight: approximately 2.6g. Size: approximately 0.7in x 1 in.

Bao Bao Specs
Bao Bao Collection

CHOW TAI FOOK 999 Pure 24K Gold Pendant - Bao Bao Family Collect

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