$59 Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine White Nightstand, Ivory Oak Home Kitchen Furniture /samaria281034.html,Seeds,Monarch,Little,White,Ivory,Hill,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Nightstand,,$59,Oak,Clementine,hashrouter.in Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine Nightstand Oak Ivory Indianapolis Mall White /samaria281034.html,Seeds,Monarch,Little,White,Ivory,Hill,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Nightstand,,$59,Oak,Clementine,hashrouter.in $59 Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine White Nightstand, Ivory Oak Home Kitchen Furniture Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine Nightstand Oak Ivory Indianapolis Mall White

Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine Nightstand Oak Ivory Indianapolis Chicago Mall Mall White

Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine White Nightstand, Ivory Oak


Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine White Nightstand, Ivory Oak

Product description


When the time has come to consider teen bedroom ideas for your ever-evolving little princess, let the Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine White Nightstand be an elegant part of your bedroom design. Made from laminated MDF and particle board with a warm, off-white wood grain finish, this white nightstand has plenty of room to stash your teen’s bedside necessities in either the spacious drawer or the open cubby space. With its clear, acrylic handle and chic gold metal base, this white nightstand will be the perfect storage piece not only for a teen girl bedroom, but any room in your home. The Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine White Nightstand meets or exceeds the CPSIA Juvenile testing requirements and includes a wall anchor kit to ensure your child’s safety. Little Seeds not only creates this and many more on trend kids’ and teen furniture pieces, we also partner with the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program to help save the Monarch butterfly.

Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine White Nightstand, Ivory Oak

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Friendly, affordable and safe, your student journey begins in Belfast, the vibrant capital city of Northern Ireland.

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Queen’s is recognised as one of the UK’s leading research intensive universities and has a global reputation for excellence.

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