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Sauder 424800 Curiod Computer Chestnut Desk trust Chalked Bargain

Sauder 424800 Curiod Computer Desk, Chalked Chestnut


Sauder 424800 Curiod Computer Desk, Chalked Chestnut

Product description

Give your home office or workspace a fresh new look with this computer desk from the Edge Water collection. It spacious desk top surface provides you with ample amount of room for all your must-have desk essentials – laptop, your collection of notepads, a cup full of pens and even an accent lamp. It features a flip-down molding that reveals a slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf that includes metal runners and safety stops. This handsome desk also features two large storage drawers that open and close on smooth metal runners for easy access storage of miscellaneous office items. The lower drawer holds letter or European size hanging files so you can keep all your important documents organized. Behind the door is a hidden storage area that includes an adjustable shelf and accommodates a vertical CPU tower. Finished in Chalked Chestnut and detailed with solid wood accents, this computer desk will add charm and beauty to your office.

Sauder 424800 Curiod Computer Desk, Chalked Chestnut

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