$284 Aihpos 1-1/4 Carat(ctw) Engagement Rings for Women Classic Round Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $284,for,1-1/4,Round,/hipparch890133.html,Women,hashrouter.in,Carat(ctw),Rings,Classic,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Aihpos,Engagement $284 Aihpos 1-1/4 Carat(ctw) Engagement Rings for Women Classic Round Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Aihpos 1-1 4 Carat ctw Engagement for Round Max 87% OFF Rings Classic Women $284,for,1-1/4,Round,/hipparch890133.html,Women,hashrouter.in,Carat(ctw),Rings,Classic,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Aihpos,Engagement Aihpos 1-1 4 Carat ctw Engagement for Round Max 87% OFF Rings Classic Women

Aihpos 1-1 2021 4 Carat ctw Engagement for Round Max 87% OFF Rings Classic Women

Aihpos 1-1/4 Carat(ctw) Engagement Rings for Women Classic Round


Aihpos 1-1/4 Carat(ctw) Engagement Rings for Women Classic Round

Product description

?It Will Be A Beautiful Story Between YOU and HER.

?About Aihpos:

Aihpos is a jewelry brand that designs jewelry for people who want to express love.

Love needs to be expressed, not just vows, but also actions.

?Product Features:

Metal type: 925 Sterling Silver / 10K gold / 14K gold / 18K gold ( in real gold, not just a covering )

Stone type: Moissanite

Center stone weight: 1 carat

Side stone weight: total 0.25 carat

Color:White gold / Yellow gold / Rose gold

Ring size(US): 4-12

?Promise for you:

✔️Free text engraving service.

✔️Strict inspections before shipment.

✔️Provide fast and standard logistics services.

✔️After-sales service:30-Day free of charge return policy.

?Jewelry maintenance and Precautions:

1.Often clean it with a soft-hair brush or cloth to make it keeps stunning and often looks like new.

2.Keep it dry and please remove your Jewelry before bath or swim to prevent jewelry case alkali products.

3.When not wearing, be sure to thoroughly dried and stored in the original package or a cloth pocket.

?Package Included:

1✖ Ring

1✖ Gift box

1✖ Polishing cloth

Aihpos 1-1/4 Carat(ctw) Engagement Rings for Women Classic Round

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