$41 Signature Hardware 948293 Greyfield Single Robe Hook Tools Home Improvement Hardware Signature Hardware 948293 Greyfield Hook Houston Mall Single Robe $41 Signature Hardware 948293 Greyfield Single Robe Hook Tools Home Improvement Hardware /freeloving890201.html,948293,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,$41,Hardware,Hook,hashrouter.in,Greyfield,Single,Robe,Signature /freeloving890201.html,948293,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,$41,Hardware,Hook,hashrouter.in,Greyfield,Single,Robe,Signature Signature Hardware 948293 Greyfield Hook Houston Mall Single Robe

Signature Hardware New York Mall 948293 Greyfield Hook Houston Mall Single Robe

Signature Hardware 948293 Greyfield Single Robe Hook


Signature Hardware 948293 Greyfield Single Robe Hook

Product description


The Greyfield Robe Hook has a modern design that complements a contemporary bathroom. A circular shape and sleek details make it a great addition to your bathroom accessories. Easily attached using the included mounting hardware. Signature Hardware 948293 Features: Covered under Signature Hardware's 10 year limited warranty Constructed of metal Single robe hook Concealed mounting hardware included Includes all necessary hardware for easy installation Signature Hardware 948293 Specifications: Width: 2" (from left to right) Height: 2" (from top to bottom) Depth: 3-3/8" (from front to back)

Signature Hardware 948293 Greyfield Single Robe Hook

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