HILASON 30X39 Wool Felt Western Horse Many popular brands Pad Treeless Saddle $84 HILASON 30X39 Wool Felt Western Treeless Horse Saddle Pad Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Felt,/freeloving281001.html,Treeless,Western,Wool,Horse,30X39,Pad,HILASON,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Saddle,hashrouter.in,$84 HILASON 30X39 Wool Felt Western Horse Many popular brands Pad Treeless Saddle Felt,/freeloving281001.html,Treeless,Western,Wool,Horse,30X39,Pad,HILASON,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Saddle,hashrouter.in,$84 $84 HILASON 30X39 Wool Felt Western Treeless Horse Saddle Pad Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

HILASON 30X39 Wool Felt Western Horse Many popular brands Pad Treeless Saddle Fees free!!

HILASON 30X39 Wool Felt Western Treeless Horse Saddle Pad


HILASON 30X39 Wool Felt Western Treeless Horse Saddle Pad

Product description

This is an absolutely wonderful 100% Wool saddle pad that is MADE IN USA ( right here in the heart of Texas). The contoured western saddle pad has been cut over the wither to fit varying horse backs. The split design of the saddle pad, two independent panels, enable the pad to move with the horse movement too. This Pad is made with 100% High quality Wool. Pressed high-density wool felt gives excellent anti-slip functionality in addition to the cool and comfortable fitting to the horses back.

This saddle pad conforms to the horse's back the very first time it is ridden on. It is a perfect pad for ill-fitting saddles resulting in pressure points, preventing slippage and roll over or even on horses with sway or round backs. It is a perfect companion for sore back providing them with therapeutic relief.

Cleaning this saddle pad is extremely easy. Just apply soap on both sides and hose it off.

HILASON 30X39 Wool Felt Western Treeless Horse Saddle Pad

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