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Drake Waterfowl National uniform free shipping 1 year warranty Camo Daypack

Drake Waterfowl Camo Daypack


Drake Waterfowl Camo Daypack

Product Description


For those that want the comfort of a backpack with the optimal storage size of a blind bag, our Camo Drake Daypack is the choice for you. With both casual and hunting applications ranging from the classroom to the field, the Camo Drake Daypack is great for storing essential items in a more compact design.


• Rugged HD2 material • Padded backing


• Large zippered storage area • Hydration pouch pocket • Hydration tube pocket • EVA shoulder straps • Chest strap • Waist strap • Front zippered pocket • 2 mesh water bottle holders


• 18.5" Height x 11.5" Width x 8.5" Depth

Drake Waterfowl Camo Daypack

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