Morimoto Orbit Shrouds 4 years warranty Lighting Assemblies Accessorie , Headlight Assemblies, Parts Ac,,Shrouds,Morimoto,Orbit,/contentious626393.html,$22 Morimoto Orbit Shrouds 4 years warranty $22 Morimoto Orbit Shrouds Lighting Assemblies Accessorie Headlight Assemblies, Parts Ac $22 Morimoto Orbit Shrouds Lighting Assemblies Accessorie Headlight Assemblies, Parts Ac Lighting Assemblies Accessorie , Headlight Assemblies, Parts Ac,,Shrouds,Morimoto,Orbit,/contentious626393.html,$22

List price Morimoto Orbit Shrouds 4 years warranty

Morimoto Orbit Shrouds


Morimoto Orbit Shrouds

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WHAT'S INCLUDED SHROUDS: 2x Orbit CENTRIC RINGS: Optional LED HALOS: Optional WARRANTY: 5 Years SWAG: Morimoto Decal COMPATIBILITY MORIMOTO PROJECTORS: All except Matchbox OEM PROJECTORS: Most except TL, LS430, LS460, Q45 LENS DIAMETERS: 2.5" and 3" Compatible LED HALOS: See Size-Guide "In Action" section below MOUNTS WITH: Centric Rings and/or JB Quik Weld TECH SPECS DIAMETER: 129mm DEPTH: 57mm FRONT HALO SIZE: 80mm FINISH: Forever Finish Chrome PRODUCT DETAILS ORBIT: The Orbit shroud is out of this world with 360 degrees of symmetrical killer looking chrome coverage (that's a lot!). Symmetrical veins surround the front face of the Orbit shroud to give it a unique, modern, yet not too radical a design. IN COMPARISON: Don't make the mistake of thinking all shrouds are created equal. Even though less expensive alternatives may be available elsewhere: Morimoto shrouds are made from the highest quality plastic and have by far the most durable metalized chrome finishes. The cheap-o's out there are flimsy enough to deform from the heat just a 35W HID bulb, and their chrome finish easily flakes off. MOUNTING: Centric Rings are not included by default, but are highly recommended to improve ease of installation on many projectors. The Centric Rings are simple reducers that clip into the shroud to reduce the inside diameter, making them more of a "press fit" onto the lens holder of the projector. JB Quik Weld is also recommended in order to prevent the shrouds from vibrating loose over time.

Morimoto Orbit Shrouds

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