$118 20ps New Luxury 1 Set Cute Female Cartoon car seat Cover car Acc Automotive Interior Accessories 20ps New Luxury 1 Set Cute car Cartoon seat Acc Don't miss the campaign Cover Female 20ps New Luxury 1 Set Cute car Cartoon seat Acc Don't miss the campaign Cover Female $118,Cartoon,Female,/chivalrously890146.html,Luxury,car,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Acc,Set,1,New,20ps,Cute,car,Cover,hashrouter.in,seat $118 20ps New Luxury 1 Set Cute Female Cartoon car seat Cover car Acc Automotive Interior Accessories $118,Cartoon,Female,/chivalrously890146.html,Luxury,car,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Acc,Set,1,New,20ps,Cute,car,Cover,hashrouter.in,seat

20ps New Luxury 1 Set Cute car Cartoon seat Acc Don't miss the campaign Translated Cover Female

20ps New Luxury 1 Set Cute Female Cartoon car seat Cover car Acc


20ps New Luxury 1 Set Cute Female Cartoon car seat Cover car Acc

Product description

Color:blue amp;black

This is for original car seats , not customized ,

90 % compatible with 5 seats cars in the market ,

install time is around 1 hour depends on models .

Do not cover armrests

If there are armrests in the front seat ,you have to take out seams for the front seat side to the waist line about 10-15 centimeters and sew on Headrests of front seats can not be take off , will not fit

Rear Seat Covers are one peice,not for separate seats and armrest

the back seat covers cover whole back seat like the pictures,you need to notice

Please check before you bid. . Shipping by ems,it takes about 5-15 days arrive

Contains Rearseat + frontseat seat covers cushion

+ 1 Steering Wheel Cover + 2 Cushion Pillows + 2 Seatbelt covers+Waist by pillow

+ 1 Handbrake Cover + 1 Gear Cover and 1 Interior Rear View Mirror Cover Weigh:4.5 KG

20ps New Luxury 1 Set Cute Female Cartoon car seat Cover car Acc

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To help offset environmentally impactful practice linked to the building industry, waste material projects and technologies, like upcycling, are being implemented to return used materials into products with commercial value.

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