Surface,Black,$153,,2007-2013,Autozensation,for,1500,Silverado,/campaigner280407.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rough,5 35% OFF Autozensation for 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 5 Surface Black Rough 35% OFF Autozensation for 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 5 Surface Black Rough $153 Autozensation for 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 Rough Surface Black 5 Automotive Replacement Parts Surface,Black,$153,,2007-2013,Autozensation,for,1500,Silverado,/campaigner280407.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Rough,5 $153 Autozensation for 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 Rough Surface Black 5 Automotive Replacement Parts

35% OFF Autozensation for 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 5 Surface Black New product! New type Rough

Autozensation for 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 Rough Surface Black 5


Autozensation for 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 Rough Surface Black 5

Product description

100% Brand new in box!

Comes with 4 pieces fender flares kit. (2x front / 2x rear)

Made of high quality durable polypropylene with black and rough textured finish.

To protect your wheel from scratches, mud or other outer damage.

No modification needed, some drill might be required.

Professional installation is recommended.

Hardware for Installation Are Included

Comes with 4 Pieces (2 for Front and 2 for Rear)


  • 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT / LTZ / WT / LS / Hybrid / XFE With 69.3? Bed Fleetside Models
  • 2007 Silverado Fit New Body Style Only
  • Autozensation for 2007-2013 Silverado 1500 Rough Surface Black 5

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