Acura,Series,D,/brachytypous890703.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,B,MT,B,Replacement,$59,3pcs,,Civic,for,Integra/Honda Replacement for Acura Integra Honda Civic MT 3pcs Atlanta Mall Series B D $59 Replacement for Acura Integra/Honda Civic B D Series MT 3pcs B Automotive Replacement Parts Replacement for Acura Integra Honda Civic MT 3pcs Atlanta Mall Series B D Acura,Series,D,/brachytypous890703.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,B,MT,B,Replacement,$59,3pcs,,Civic,for,Integra/Honda $59 Replacement for Acura Integra/Honda Civic B D Series MT 3pcs B Automotive Replacement Parts

Replacement Wholesale for Acura Integra Honda Civic MT 3pcs Atlanta Mall Series B D

Replacement for Acura Integra/Honda Civic B D Series MT 3pcs B


Replacement for Acura Integra/Honda Civic B D Series MT 3pcs B

Product description


Our engine mount kit is designed to produce crisper gear shifts by preventing the front end of the engine from pitching up or down, forward and back. Improves traction and reduces wheel hop. All Torque Solution engine mounts are are made of high grade billet aluminum material, urethane bushings, and steel pins. This mount kit is a direct replacement of the OEM mounts especially the liquid filled engine mount, which tends to fail even on completely stock Civics.

Package Included:
1 x Set of Engine Mount Kit

This product is compatible with:
94-01 Acura Integra
92-95 Honda Civic
Fit B and D Series Manual Transmission Enigne with 2-Hole Triming Mount Bracket ONLY

Replacement for Acura Integra/Honda Civic B D Series MT 3pcs B

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