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Women Off Purchase Shoulder Maternity Elegant Long Genuine Free Shipping Fitted Gown

Women Off Shoulder Maternity Elegant Fitted Maternity Gown Long


Women Off Shoulder Maternity Elegant Fitted Maternity Gown Long

Product description


❤ Olemek insists on tenets of "High Quality" and pay attention to fashion trends.
❤ Olemek main in all kinds of pregnant womens dress and breastfeeding nursing clothes.

---Long Sleeve Slim Fitted Maxi Photography Dress---

Condition: New With Tags
Material: Mercerized Cotton;
Package Include: 1PC Floor Length Maternity Dress
Features: Solid Color, Long Sleeve, Off Shoulder, High Waist, Elasticated Design, Pullover, Full length
Occasion: Pregnancy Dresses for Photography, Maternity Off Shoulder Lace Wedding Gown, Bandage Bodycon Maternity Maxi Dress

---Why Choose Our Maternity Off Shoulders Half Circle Gowns ?---

1. Giving up on fashion is not a prerequisite for becoming a mom! Stay stylish throughout your pregnancy in our maternity summer dress.
2. Look and feel fabulous throughout your pregnancy - Our stylish baby shower dress will help you stand out!
3. Long-sleeve comfortble wearing, nice to prepare with exquisite sash belt and flower crown for romantic photography.

---Size Chart:---
The size is of manual measurement,please allow slight 1-3cm difference and refer to the details size.

Tag No.S: Chest:30.0" / 76cm; Front Length:62.0" / 158cm; Back Length:76.0" / 193cm; Sleeve:22.0" / 56cm;

Tag No.M: Chest:31.5" / 80cm; Front Length:62.5" / 159cm; Back Length:76.0" / 194cm; Sleeve:22.5" / 57cm;

Tag No.L: Chest:33.0" / 84cm; Front Length:63.0" / 160cm; Back Length:76.5" / 195cm; Sleeve:23.0" / 58cm;

Tag No.XL: Chest:34.5" / 88cm; Front Length:63.0" / 161cm; Back Length:77.0" / 196cm; Sleeve:23.0" / 59cm;

(✪ω✪)---Friendly Tips: ---

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Women Off Shoulder Maternity Elegant Fitted Maternity Gown Long

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