Mosq,Repellent,/aftermilk889991.html,Mosquito,-,Mosquito,-,Patio, Lawn Garden , Pest Control,Juice,Nature's,$42,Mama,,Outdoor Mama supreme Nature's Mosquito Juice - Mosq Repellent Outdoor Mosq,Repellent,/aftermilk889991.html,Mosquito,-,Mosquito,-,Patio, Lawn Garden , Pest Control,Juice,Nature's,$42,Mama,,Outdoor Mama supreme Nature's Mosquito Juice - Mosq Repellent Outdoor $42 Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice - Outdoor Mosquito Repellent - Mosq Patio, Lawn Garden Pest Control $42 Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice - Outdoor Mosquito Repellent - Mosq Patio, Lawn Garden Pest Control

Mama supreme Nature's Mosquito Juice - Chicago Mall Mosq Repellent Outdoor

Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice - Outdoor Mosquito Repellent - Mosq


Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice - Outdoor Mosquito Repellent - Mosq

Product Description

Mama Nature's Backyard Mosquito Reppelent Application Tips

Mosquito Repellent Backyard Spray Eradicator

Mama Natures Mosquito Juice Repellent Concentrate FAQ

Q) Does the product kill the mosquitoes or just deter them. If so, what percentage will be killed.

A) Our product does not kill mosquitoes as much as it puts up a barrier. It is designed more to keep mosquitoes out than it is to kill them, however, the corn oil in the mixture can suffocate mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes if it comes in contact with them.

Q) How long before I start seeing results?

A) That depends on when you apply the product. If you apply in the beginning of mosquito season you will most likely notice a difference within a few days. If you apply in the middle of mosquito season, it may take until the second application before you notice a difference. If you have an event on a weekend that you’d like to spray for, we recommend spraying between Monday and Wednesday, depending on the weather.

Q) What if i don't see results?

A) Results may very depending on the environment around your yard and how you apply the juice. BE SURE to read our directions for use when applying the product.

Q) I could only smell garlic for a short period of time, then it wears off. This stuff must not work!

A) Mosquitoes Sense of smell is 1000 times stronger than a human’s. This is how they smell out blood, and kind locate a host from long distances away. What smells like garlic for 30 minutes to us, smells 1000 times stronger to them over the course of the next 3 weeks after applying.

Q) Why do I need to keep reapplying this?

A) The “barrier” that our product creates to keep mosquitoes out, wears off after a while, and you must reapply the barrier (Juice) before the mosquitoes return, to continue keeping them out. Best results occur when you are able to maintain the barrier through the whole season. (Re-application every 3 weeks)

Q) How often do I need to reapply?

A) After years of testing, we have found that the mosquito barrier only lasts between 21-24 days. We Recommend reapplying between 18-21 days after applying in order to keep the barrier active

Q) How and why does it kill mosquitoes?

A) Corn oil is a very thick liquid, and mosquitoes breath through their skin. When the corn oil comes in contact with them, they can no longer breathe and they die. Larvae on areas of water are also covered by a thin layer of corn oil and are suffocated by it as well.

Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice - Outdoor Mosquito Repellent - Mosq


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