Groove,-,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/aftermilk280691.html,,White,Wood,Handle,$132,Dresser,3-Drawer $132 3-Drawer Groove Handle Wood Dresser - White Home Kitchen Furniture Choice 3-Drawer Groove Handle Wood - White Dresser $132 3-Drawer Groove Handle Wood Dresser - White Home Kitchen Furniture Groove,-,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/aftermilk280691.html,,White,Wood,Handle,$132,Dresser,3-Drawer Choice 3-Drawer Groove Handle Wood - White Dresser

Choice 3-Drawer Groove Free shipping anywhere in the nation Handle Wood - White Dresser

3-Drawer Groove Handle Wood Dresser - White


3-Drawer Groove Handle Wood Dresser - White

Product description

Add storage space into your home for your clothing and extra throws or pillows with this 3 drawer dresser. In a stylish, mid century modern design featuring angled legs and cutout handles of solid pine wood in a stained finish. The intriguing design integrates a transitional aesthetic to complement your home décor. With three storage deep drawers to keep your clothing organized in your bedroom or for blankets and extra bedding in your guest room.

3-Drawer Groove Handle Wood Dresser - White


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