$197 Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan Corner Shelf - Kidney-Shape Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining -,Corner,Kidney-Shape,$197,Resources,Lazy,Hardware,/Hypsiprymninae890049.html,hashrouter.in,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Shelf,Susan,2-Tier -,Corner,Kidney-Shape,$197,Resources,Lazy,Hardware,/Hypsiprymninae890049.html,hashrouter.in,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Shelf,Susan,2-Tier $197 Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan Corner Shelf - Kidney-Shape Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan - Shelf Corner Max 53% OFF Kidney-Shape Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan - Shelf Corner Max 53% OFF Kidney-Shape

Hardware Resources 2-Tier Inventory cleanup selling sale Lazy Susan - Shelf Corner Max 53% OFF Kidney-Shape

Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan Corner Shelf - Kidney-Shape


Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan Corner Shelf - Kidney-Shape

Product description


Are you tired of reaching into corner or low cabinets only to knock everything over?

It's inevitable–corner cabinets aren't built for convenience. Whether it's set high, low, or simply stuffed with different bottles and containers that need to be moved around before you get to what you need, it's almost always going to be a challenge.

Fortunately, corner cabinets can be beautiful and functional. You can get what you need in a pinch without rearranging the entire cabinet. Our shelves keep everything within reach and in clear view whenever you need them.

Install shelves that redefine corner cabinet organization with the Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan Corner Shelf.

Improve your kitchen's efficiency. This lazy Susan shelves give you 360° access to everything you need with a little turn. No more straining to grab a box or bottle that's sequestered behind everything else.

Built for convenience and durability, these 2-tier shelves rotate independently from each other. That means you don't have to move the bottom layer when you only need something from the top. It keeps your kitchen organized so you don't have to do twice the work!

Upgrade your shelves in minutes, even without calling in help or using professional tools. Each shelf kit comes with a handy installation guide and mounting hardware so you start off on the right foot.

Here's more to love with our rotating kidney-shaped shelves:

✅ Withstands scratches and chips
✅ UV finish helps protect it from cleaning solutions
✅ Interior height measurements: 25.5 to 33"
✅ Great gift for any homeowner

Spin your way to a more organized kitchen. Add the Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan Corner Shelf to your cart TODAY!

Hardware Resources 2-Tier Lazy Susan Corner Shelf - Kidney-Shape

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