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Topics on TV SE Prospector's Choice Gold Panning New arrival Kit Green 7 PC. Pans 2 and

SE Prospector's Choice Gold Panning Kit and 2 Green Pans (7 PC.)


SE Prospector's Choice Gold Panning Kit and 2 Green Pans (7 PC.)

From the manufacturer


SE GP5-KIT107 Gold Panning Kit | Product Features

The SE Gold Panning Kit has all the essentials needed to start panning for gold.

  • 2 Dual Rifled Gold Pans
  • 1/2" Mesh Sifting Screen
  • Sniffer Bottle and Gold Storage Vials
  • Tweezers with a Magnifying Glass

Gold Panning Kit


1/2" Sifting Pan


Daul Rifled Gold Pans

Bottling Gold

Sniffer Bottle

Gloves SE Probe SE Single screen for gold panning sifting 9 piece set for a 5 gallon bucket SE Serated Shovel
SE GP3-RG60 Prospector's Choice Black Rubber Gloves SE GP3-SS25GG Green Search-N-Probe (2-in-1 Scoop and Coin Probe) SE GP2-120 Patented Stackable 13-1/4" Sifting Pan, Mesh Size 1/20" SE GP2-9 SET 9-Piece Set of Patented Stackable 13-1/4” Sifting Pans SE 8791FSP Emergency Tri-Fold Serrated Survival Shovel

SE Prospector's Choice Gold Panning Kit and 2 Green Pans (7 PC.)

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